Help! I have heavy periods

Heavy and lengthy period, what is menorrhagia

What is Menorrhagia?

Are you experiencing unusually heavy periods that last a long time? Keep on reading, you might have a disorder called, Menorrhagia.
It is a menstrual disorder in which bleeding lasts for 7-14 days, more than 150 ml of blood is lost or more than five sanitary pads are required per day.

Menorrhagia is usually caused by changes in the genitals.
These include, for example:
🩸Inflamed uterine lining - endometritis
🩸Muscle growths (benign) in the uterus - uterine fibroid
🩸Growths in the uterine lining - endometriosis
🩸Malignant changes in the uterus

An unusually heavy period lasting between 7 and 14 days.

To diagnose menorrhagia, the treating physician needs an accurate description of the symptoms and may perform one of the following tests to confirm the diagnosis:

✅Examination of the vagina and cervix 
✅ Ultrasound
✅Cancer smear
✅General internal investigation
✅Computed Tomography (CT)
✅Magnetic Resonance Imaging
If a hormone disorder is suspected, blood and urine will also be examined.

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