TENS Therapy: A Natural Solution for Period Pain?

TENS Therapy: A Natural Solution for Period Pain?

TENS therapy, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, is a non-invasive treatment option for period pain and other types of chronic pain. It involves the use of low-voltage electrical currents to stimulate the nerves and relieve pain.

During a TENS therapy session, the electrodes are placed against the skin to deliver the electrical current. The intensity and duration of the current can be adjusted based on the patient's needs and tolerance.

My Obi's Apollo belt works by activating the body's natural pain-relieving mechanisms. The electrical currents stimulate the production of endorphins, which are chemicals that block pain signals from reaching the brain. TENS therapy can also increase blood flow to the abdomen, which helps reduce inflammation and swelling.

One of the main benefits of TENS therapy is that it is a non-pharmacological treatment option. This means that it does not involve the use of medications, which can have side effects or interact with other medications. 

Different studies support the use of TENS therapy for period pain. A review of several studies found that TENS therapy was effective in reducing pain in women with primary dysmenorrhea, a type of period pain that is not caused by underlying medical conditions. TENS therapy may also be helpful for women with secondary dysmenorrhea, which is period pain that is caused by underlying medical conditions such as endometriosis.


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