MY OBI belt. The portable heating and vibration belt drastically reduce period menstrual pain, dysmenorrhea, endo endometriosis, IBS, pelvic contraction, chronic pain, combining infrared heating and vibration to relax the uterus. Scientifically proven.

The why

Pain is the biggest topic when it comes to women's (sexual) health issues.

With 80% of women experiencing pain during menstruation and 1 in 4 women experiencing pain so intensely they cannot function properly, the statistics clearly illustrate the dire need for alternative therapies and pain management.

Science behind MY OBI

Heat therapy has been used to relieve menstrual pain for ages.
We take it a step further and combine Heat with TENS technology; TENS uses soothing pulses to suppress pain signals to the brain and encourage the body to produce higher levels of its own natural pain-killing hormones- endorphins and encephalins.


Both, MY OBI and Apollo belts are portable, drug-free and will provide you with super fast relief! Plus, they're extremely lightweight and portable, which makes it possible to go about your day pain-free anytime, everywhere!

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