Are you tired of your period pain?

Over 80% of women are!

Frustrated about taking pills just to be comfortable?

SICK of it.

Cramps, bloating, pelvic-pain, back-pains?

To name a few..

Are you ready for a friendlier period?

You´ve got my attention!

MY OBI portable heating and vibration belt drastically reduces period menstrual pain, dysmenorrhea, endo/endometriosis, IBS, pelvic contraction, chronic pain. Combining infrared heating and vibration relaxes the uterus muscle. Scientifically proven.

So, what´s MY OBI all about?

Whether you think your period is something wonderful, a pain in the ass, or both, facts are that we have to deal with huge inconveniences each and every month.

Bloating, period pain, blood, more blood, mood swings, back pain. We could go on, but we'll stop here.

All these symptoms can make mother nature's gift feel like a curse.

Luckily, we can now provide you with natural and effective solutions to ease our suffering. 

Heat therapy has been used for decades to ease menstrual cramps. It also proves to be one of the most effective ways to tackle symptoms related to period painEndometriosis IBS.

MY OBI goes a step further and combines the best of both(!) worlds.

Infra-red heating AND vibration therapy!

Both of these features relax your uterus muscle and increase the blood flow, resulting in less pain and extreme comfort.

How to use it

Science behind MY OBI

Pain is the biggest topic when it comes to women's sexual health issues, yet few treatment options exist for universal experiences like genital pain and menstrual pain.
With 80% of women experiencing pain during menstruation and 1 in 4 women experiencing pain so intensely they cannot function properly, the statistics clearly illustrate the dire need for alternative therapies and pain management.
Heat therapy has been used to relieve menstrual pain for ages. Hot water bottles, warm baths, warm blankets around the abdomen; the list goes on.
We take it a step further and combine heat and vibration; A Power Duo that you'll love.
Vibrational and Heat therapy is scientifically proven to aid in pain relief by relaxing the muscles and increasing circulation. Blood circulation is essential to overall well-being. It enables the healing and repairing of tissue by stimulating blood and oxygen flow - the more blood circulation in an area, the faster the pain relief.