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Please find below the reviews for the MY OBI heating and vibration belt. If we haven´t been able to convince you just yet, maybe our customers will :)
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MY OBI - for a happy uterus
Rossella Poidomani
Bel prodotto ma piccolo pecca!

Ho comprato my obi una settimana fa, è il prodotto che tutte abbiamo sempre sognato e adesso è reale! Unica pecca: si accende con un tocco leggerissimo perciò spesso si accende in borsa oppure se per sbaglio passo il braccio o mi appoggio a qualcosa.... Si è acceso anche solo perché ho messo la maglietta sopra

MY OBI - for a happy uterus
Good one

I like mine - it heats up very fast and it feels good. I use it on my period but I also have chronic pelvic pain and IBS so I use it almost daily when I am at home. It is comfortable. I need meds and pain killers and this belt doesn't change that but it gives additional help and helps me sleep and to endure long lasting cramps and pain.
I hope that it will last long as it is not very cheap but if it will - it is worth the money. Design is nice and it is comfortable to wear also.
Easy to charge as well. Downside - I wish vibrating would be less loud.
But I am happy with my purchase and I have recommended to my friends.

2 for 2!

I ordered two devices for Easter for my daughters who often complain of severe cramps. After a couple months of use, they're still a hit. They heat up quickly and provide relief when it's not convenient to be curled up with a heating pad. My high schooler wrote hers to school under a sweatshirt without any issues. I love finding unique gifts that live up to their claims. This does and I plan to buy 2 more for my nieces.

MY OBI - for a happy uterus
Sarah Cristina Alessia Massa
Ottimo prodotto

Mi piace, è una sorta di boule dell'acqua calda portatile con il vantaggio della vibrazione e i benefici si sentono. Ha due svantaggi: il rumore della vibrazione e la sensibilità dei pulsanti che si spengono allo sfioramento. Ma anche così è un prodotto che consiglio, perché effettivamente allevia il disagio, quindi direi promosso!

mostly good some bad

Pros: heats up very quickly. It is discrete and really helps with pain. The vibrations feels great but are very loud.
Cons: any time my clothes rub against the buttons, it switches it off! Please install a switch that prevents this from happening.


Exactly what I was looking for. I use too many wheat heat packs can can't reheat them again if they just a little warm. This is super easy to use and rechargable. Love it! Only thing I would say against it is that the vibrations are quite loud.

Pros- heats up fast and hot, soft matte plastic exterior, soft cloth contacts skin, beautiful color, lightweight, discrete and easy to keep on for a long time.
Cons- vibration settings are not discrete to be able to use in public even on “low”, buttons are “ pressure” instead of “push” making it repetitive to operate, belt clip is hard to remove from the main body. I think the plastic clip/casing causes the noise while in vibrate.
Would I return? No. Would I recommend? Yes, just with a small disclaimer on the few issues I have encountered. The portability of heat therapy that is rechargeable and cute outweighs the cons.

Happy Uterus

This product is a lifesaver! I get terrible cramps and the heating and vibrations soothes my muscles and helps me feel better without needing to take any pain medication. The buttons are a little finicky but this product is absolutely worth the purchase! I have recommended it to all my friends!!


La consegna è stata un po' un casino per colpa di DHL, ma l'azienda è stata è voluto un po' di più tempo ma è arrivato!
È un'aiuto meraviglioso, scalda parecchio e anche la vibrazione aiuta coi dolori.
Sarà sempre con me!

Lovely Product-US User

This thing is powerful! I have awful periods that put me down. I am in bed most of the day feeling sick, tired, and in immense pain. When I found MyObi, I immediately purchased it. Shipping was quick for an international purchase! I put it on with a bit of a struggle as the side button doesn’t depress enough to release the clip. The buttons are very sensitive, but also finicky. If you don’t touch it just right, nothing happens. If your shirt barely grazes it, settings change. These are my only 2 complaints. The vibration function is amazing! I didn’t think it would be something I used, but it truly helped. The heat function is HOT! I wore it over leggings and eventually had to put my shirt under it for comfort. While there are heat selections, they didn’t seem to have a noticeable temperature difference. All in all, I am very pleased! I was able to work around the house while wearing MyObi. My pain was much more manageable and I wasn’t tied to an outlet with a heating pad. It was sleek and comfortable. I would absolutely recommend!


Shipping was quick! Didn’t realize this was being shipped from Spain so I was surprised how fast it arrived! Overall it’s a very convenient tool to have! The only things that made me give this a 4/5 star review are, how sensitive the touch the pad is. I accidentally touch the temperature or vibration button & it changes the setting I had it on & also the vibrating sound is a little too loud but over all I’ve been recommending this product to all my menstruating pals♥️ This is such a great product! Easy to put on & move around! Obsessed with it!

Ottimo prodotto

Sembrerebbe funzionare bene con i miei problemi di salute...lo adoro davvero... l'unica cosa che mi preoccupa è la fascia elastica, spero duri tanto e anche il gancio per infilare e sfilare la cintura elastica. Spesso basta sfiorarlo che si accende o cambia da solo i comandi ma non fa nulla. Mi dispiace solo che la batteria dura così poco e poi però ci vuole tanto a caricarla e poi la vibrazione ha un suono troppo forte che si sente a contatto con la plastica del My Obi. Peccato perché mi piace tantissimo lo userei tutto il giorno ❤️ comunque lo comprerei di nuovo e di nuovo

Game changer

I waited months before buying My Obi and I wish I'd done it sooner. I suffer from vulvodynia and my pelvic muscles tend to be always tense, especially during my period, so I have to keep the area warm as often as possible. This belt is super practical, helps me relax my muscles (even while I'm driving, which is a serious improvement in my day to day life) and its technology is way safer than a hot water bottle. It has just the perfect dimension so I can even apply heat on my neck when the cervical pain kicks in. After receiving it I had questions about the heat function and I got back the most thorough answer. A big thank you to the staff working on this!

It gets HOT!

Because of my endo, I need a heating pad that gets hot and this does it. It’s perfect to wear to work or around without drawing any attention. I only wish it would stay charged longer :)

World traveler

I haven’t used it a ton yet, as I only received it yesterday, but I’m enjoying it so far. It’s had quite a journey getting to me traveling through 4 different countries to get to the USA. The staff at My OBI have been great. The communication was always quick and easy. After the both of us failed to receive shipping information from one of their shipping partners they reached out to me to reassure they were making it top priority to get answers to why and to make sure my OBI belt got to me and apologized for the delay. Thank you everyone at My OBI!


The obi belt is a pocket-sized lifesaver. I wear it whenever I have to work, university or wherever and it helps me to ease the pain in order to go through the day.
The temperature level is high enough to give relief, but not too high to leave those horrible burn marks.
I suggest you to wear it underneath your sweater and top in winter, as the thick fabric reduces the heath you can feel.
Overall an excellent product.

Amazing Customer Service! ❤️

My belt was delayed during shipping which was something completely out of My OBI’s control, yet they still took the time to check in and let me know they were keeping an eye on my order to make sure I received it with no problems. This is a level of customer service that will definitely have me supporting this company for a long time!
I have since tried the belt and it is exactly what I needed for relief during my period.
Thank you My OBI!

Love it!

I have chronic lower back pain from a tailbone break, which is even worse on my period.

The mix of heat and vibration gave the non- medicinal relief I have been looking for. And it heats up sooooo fast!


I bought a belt which, however, had malfunctions right from the start. I contacted the guys and they sent me a new belt in no time. The belt is very useful. For those suffering from chronic pain it is a great help. It can be positioned in different parts of the body and is a valuable aid especially during travel because it is small and comfortable. Thank you so much guys. The note on the package was super appreciated. ❤️


Prezzo leggermente alto, ma ne vale la pena! Per il mio ciclo molto doloroso e problematico è stata una buona soluzione per provare un pó di sollievo nei primi giorni! Carica durevole ottime prestazioni!


Love it so much! I have endometriosis so I used to use so many heating pads, but this is so much easier to use. Took it with me on holiday and it made a huge change, love the fact that you can just recharge it and that the battery holds on so long. Made the bustrip to Austria, much more comfortable. I now make sure I always have it with me in my backpack, so when I start to hurt again, I can just put it on to give some relief. It so is so thin and light, that I don't notice it while I am wearing it and when under my clothes, you can barely see it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write us this wonderful review. It truly makes our day and our hearts full! Glad you enjoyed your trip to Austria with your OBI belt! #travelbuddy

Great for endo pain

The heat setting is amazing, it feels so much lighter than a heatbag & I can use it at work!
The only downside is my obi will be fully charged and only last for 2 hours before dying.

Lovely Amy, thank you so much for taking the time to write us a review. We're so glad to hear that the OBI belt is helping you manage the endo pain.
A fully charged OBI belt will usually last you around two hours with the heat and vibration setting and up to five hours with vibration setting alone.
We're constantly looking for great alternatives, so your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Big hugs from the team!


In una parola perfetto. Le dimensioni consento di portarlo dovunque e indossarlo con tranquillità sotto giubbotti e maglioni. Fa perfettamente il suo dovere e in pochi minuti la zona pelvica è distesa e rilassata.
Ho solo una perplessità ma forse è un problema specifico del mio apparecchio: spesso quando è acceso come termoforo non riesco a spegnerlo o a diminuire/aumentare la temperatura, come se non percepisse più il tatto. Forse sarebbe utile pensare alla possibilità di inserire un tasto di accensione/spegnimento differente.

So worth it!

I absolutely love this device! Came within 5 days of ordering, which is amazing! I have endometriosis and am constantly cramping. I’ve worn it every day since I got it and it’s so helpful. It’s great being able to get up and be productive while wearing it, instead of being stuck under a heating pad. 100% would recommend!

Mai più senza!

Fantastico! Lo porto ovunque, e alla sera dopo cena è un toccasana per rilassare i muscoli pelvici e realtà lo uso anche per le cervicali indossato a tracolla 😅 super consigliato!

Paola! Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review!
We love it when our customers get creative with the OBI belt! Biggest hugs from all of us!