Hi there,

We're so glad to have you here!
But the fact you're here probably also means that your period isn't pain-free, along with over 80% of women worldwide.

That's a lot of women suffering each month. It's time for us to work on the solutions our bodies desire; drug-free, effective and safe.

We're a small team based in Barcelona.

Our journey started two years ago when we began reading into gynecological disorders. We've dealt with heavy period pain and cramps ourselves and know there is a lack of attention for these conditions. 

Through research papers, we discovered heat and vibration therapy as the best combination to drastically reduce period pain. With this knowledge, we started working on MY OBI.

We're all extremely dedicated to being part of this positive change. Together with you, we want to constantly improve and grow. As we're still in the establishment phase, we welcome all your suggestions and ideas.

Don't hesitate to drop us a message at hello@myobistore.com.