Let's talk benefits

1. Instant comfort and relief

OBI belts provide science-backed targeted relief for menstrual cramps. Seamlessly blending the most effective features for ultimate comfort.

2. Say goodbye to pills

Discover a natural and effective solution for alleviating discomfort without the unwanted side effects commonly associated with painkillers, such as hormonal imbalances and digestive problems.

3. Bring it with you wherever you go

We prioritize portability because we recognize that challenges extend beyond the home. Our designs prioritize your comfort, ensuring they are easy to wear anytime, anywhere life may lead you.

4. No more expensive, messy sticky gels

Numerous products on the market require monthly repurchasing, taking advantage of menstrual discomfort. In contrast, our products don't require extra accessories or recurring purchases, ensuring a one-time investment that lasts.

5. Money back guarantee

If you're unsatisfied for any reason, our 30-day money-back guarantee ensures a 100% refund.

Customer Reviews

Based on 159 reviews
Jaelynn D.

Small and discreet, perfect for daily wear!

mar (Covington, US)
Worth every penny

So far I have been in love with my OBI. I bought a similar device online a couple years ago from a company I found on Instagram, so I was very hesitant to purchase this after the terrible experience I had with a different brand. So glad I took the risk, so far this device had been amazing. It heats up in seconds and actually holds a great heat, in-line most other heating pads. I love that it also has a tens vibration system as well. I’ve been looking for something I could wear on the go and also conceal under clothes, truly a life saver for anyone with endometriosis, PCOS or even general chronic pain as you can adjust the strap to help nearly any ailment.

virginia (Turin, IT)

Prodotto eccezionale! Soffro di endometriosi e mi aiuta tantissimo con i dolori. Assistenza fantastica! Rispondono in tempi brevi e sono disponibilissimi a risolvere qualsiasi problema

Meghan A. (Campbell River, CA)
Apollo 2.0

Loving my Apollo 2.0 so far. It has been great for the days when I’m in a lot of pain from my endometriosis. I love the option that you can use either the TENS or heat separately!!

Jaliz C. (Meriden, US)
Great gift!

The heat is absolutely wonderful but sometimes the band rides up.