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Artemis 2.0
Madison W. (Spartanburg, US)
Amazing for Heat

I purchased the Apollo 2.0 first and had very high hopes for it. Although it is nice, do not purchase it if your main goal is for heat/high heat. It does not get hot enough and is limited to 2 small sections. The Artemis 2.0 is amazing for heat - it covers more of your stomach and gets hot hot hot. So amazing for my endometriosis. If heat relief is your goal, purchase Artemis.

Apollo 2.0
Kiran (Ennis, IE)
First usage is good

Good first usage

Apollo 2.0
Meagan O. (Portland, US)
life saver

having a TENS unit with heat and red light therapy on the go is life changing and life saving! heat is what helps me the most during endo flair ups. i do wish that it lasted longer with the heat on but that’s understandable given its sleek size. thank you for giving me part of my life back!

Apollo 2.0
Chloe D. (Christchurch, NZ)
It’s a lifesaver!

I have endometriosis and this helps with the pain tremendously. I love the small size. I can wear it to Uni during classes or while travelling. It’s made life a lot easier. I do wish the battery could last a bit longer though.

Apollo 2.0
Sincerely S. (Mobile, US)

Truly a game changer!! The tens is super powerful and last awhile! The adjustable straps are awesome because I can wear it anywhere, my stomach or back! Super lightweight and the remote makes it so easy to adjust the levels.
I am absolutely obsessed with my obi and take her everywhere!

Artemis 2.0

It’s been great for work and being in the car and I’m going experiment with taking it backpacking the PCT this year! My cramps have become immobilizing and its been a lifesaver, as well as bringing it along with a rechargeable battery pack because it feels like it dies somewhat fast when it goes below 75%, and it takes a almost a whole night to fully charge. I do wish there was longer battery life considering I don’t ever go above the lowest setting, which feels like the highest settings on my normal heating pads and is a little too hot sometimes. I also am not a huge fan of the vibration settings, the higher setting is the only consistent vibration mode and the lower settings have different patterns and I wish it was just three different levels of constant massage. These are just the quirks I felt it had personally though, and the battery life was a give and take for how lightweight it is. So far has been meeting expectations and so helpful :-)

Apollo 2.0
Franzi (Bamberg, DE)
Life saver

This device seriously makes my life with endometriosis and adenomyosis so much better. The combination of heat and tens is perfect, the belt makes wearing it much more convenient. Only downside is the life span of the battery, it lasts about two to three hours, which isn’t half of my workday.

Apollo 2.0
Andrea S. (Soest, NL)

This product really reduced the pain due to my surgery! Just love it 🥰

Apollo 2.0
Ella M. (Tampere, FI)

Apollo 2.0

Apollo 2.0
Valentina R.

Apollo 2.0

Apollo 2.0
Holly (Westerville, US)
Improved my quality of life tremendously

The Apollo 2.0 is a game changer. I have accumulated so many different heating pads over the years for endometriosis and this is the best one. The design is slim so it’s easy to hide when going out or going to work. I am able to go from sitting at my desk to walking around the house and not worry about any cords getting in the way. I take it everywhere with me, work, dinner, even traveling.
The tens unit is a good incorporation so you don’t need to have multiple devices strapped to you. The lowest setting was powerful enough for me. But there are so many different settings for the tens part I found one that works for me.
Red light is so good for you- it helps restore cell function and regenerate cells triggering blood flow to help with relieving pain. Red light therapy is becoming more popular and I think this was a great addition to the device.
The only con is that the battery life doesn’t last long (maybe a half a day) if you use both heat and tens.
The Apollo 2.0 is a bit pricey but 100% worth the investment. It has changed my life.

Apollo 2.0
Isabel G. (Hastings, NZ)

Very happy with my purchase, has been game changing. However the Remote is to easy to lose, and had to re order one within a couple weeks. I recommend the next step making it Bluetooth to control on your phone rather a remote.

Dorry B. (New York, US)
My Favorite Heating Pad

I love it. My Obi is so comforting for me when I have pelvic pain. It’s so nice to walk around my apartment while it’s helping me.

Artemis 2.0
emma b. (Seattle, US)
I use it everyday

I love this heat pad!! Truly a game changer for stomach/period cramps and pain!!!

Apollo 2.0
Isabelle (Bremerhaven, DE)
Delivery, instructions, ease of pain ❤️

Really good device against endometriosis/adenomyosis pain.
As I have a tens-device already and the lowest intensity is lower it took me some time to get used to the intensity of this helper. The heat is really comforting and better than a hot water bottle.

With tens only the battery lasts much longer, battery life could be better when used with heat. Maybe there is a way to attach the remote to the belt if needed. And a pouch for transport would be super cute!

One tip: you can elongate the timer (not only to 30 minutes) but also shortly before the 30 minutes are done you can press the button to your timer liking again and again. The belt is not really visible under clothes, huge plus!

Artemis 2.0
Molly F. (Glasgow, GB)
Best thing I’ve ever brought❤️

It’s an absolute lifesaver for someone like me with endometriosis. I take it everywhere with me when I go out and it usually lasts me the whole day, I’d say around 5 hours. I’ve had heat belts in the past but they run out of battery in 20 mins, the Artemis 2.0 is amazing! The vibration massage settings really help too soothe pain

Artemis 2.0
Victoria S. (Vestal, US)
Love love love!!!!!

I can’t believe how hot it gets and how long the battery charge lasts! It’s really been helpful. If you’re on the fence, get it! You wont be disappointed.

Apollo 2.0
Kytzcia R. (Modesto, US)
Apolo 2.0

One of the best purchases of my life. I have endometriosis and it’s helping so much with the pain. Also I have pain back problems, and I LOVE to have it on!! 100/10 🤍🤍🤍

Apollo 2.0
Laura G.
Life changing!

I am so happy I've decided to buy Apollo 2.0... it really changed my life! I have been diagnosed of endometriosis almost six months ago and I struggled so much before and during my period... this month, thanks to Apollo I've been able to go to work and live my life without taking all those painkillers I used to take! It really changed my life! Plus, it's discreet and thanks to the remote control I can use it while I'm travelling by train to go to work! Love it!

Apollo 2.0
B.P. (Wyoming, US)
Everything in ONE

Needed a cordless heating pad and got so much more! Very happy with my purchase.

Artemis 2.0
Javier B. (Barcelona, ES)
Best gift for my girlfriend

I bought this period pain relief belt for my girlfriend in the hope she'd find some relief during that time of the month. I honestly did not expect much of it, but my girlfriend couldn't have been more happy! For the first time she finally has something that really allows her to go on with her day even on the heaviest days. We are simply amazed! I think I'll also get the Apollo!

Deborah F. (London, GB)
Extremely helpful service

I had a replacement sent out to me as my belt started to loose temp. Email service was amazing and always replied to my messages within the day.

Apollo 2.0
Adam M. (Hamilton, CA)

Has really helped with my girlfriends endometriosis symptoms and flare ups!

Apollo 2.0
Kristen B.
Best Assistive Technology for my pain!

I am going to have a surgery hopefully in the next few months for fibroids, cysts and possible Endometriosis. This AT has been god sent and I don’t know what I would do without it! I wished I had this years ago!!

Apollo 2.0
Annastachia (Cape Town, ZA)
Super convenient

I love using the heat settings for comfort. I do wish there was a level between each level of heat but it’s still really good. It’s really nice not having to get up and reheat something especially when you in pain. I’m still getting used to the tens but it really makes me feel like I can do anything when my pain gets bad. Really glad I gave this a try.