Trouble deciding? MY OBI's belt bible: Your ultimate relief guide

Trouble deciding? MY OBI's belt bible: Your ultimate relief guide

Looking for a non-pharmacological period pain solution? MY OBI’s period belts offer heat, TENS, and red light therapies in the form of discreet, portable, and 100% user-controlled devices. 

Our guide will lead you through the benefits and applications of each, helping you to select the perfect one for your needs.

Lightweight heat pad for period cramps

Almost 50% of women use heat therapy to ease menstrual discomfort. Why? It’s a non-invasive and easily accessible solution to alleviating period cramps. Studies show how targeted heat reduces tension in the uterine muscles, increasing blood circulation and reducing pain.

The perfect solution for mild-to-moderate discomfort and aches, Artemis is a portable heating belt with three heat settings. It is incredibly lightweight, quick to heat up, and has adjustable straps for all sizes.

Forget your hot water bottle–Artemis is guaranteed to soothe for longer and relieve the muscle cramps, spasms, and tension that come with period pain.

You also have access to vibration therapy which reduces inflammation and stimulates blood flow. This setting does emit a soft buzz sound, but the combination of therapies will help manage your menstrual pain.

Strap this belt to any part of your body to guarantee yourself a pain-free day wherever you go!

Non-invasive pain relief with TENS therapy

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is used to drastically help and improve the symptoms of several conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and menstrual cramps. 

TENS devices send low-voltage electrical impulses through the skin to stimulate nerves and alter your perception of pain via the production of endorphins. You’re going to want this type of treatment if you suffer from severe period pain, endometriosis, PCOS, or IBS symptoms.

The Apollo device offers a unique combination of heat and TENS therapies, providing instant relief.

Explore six different types of TENS therapies and three heat settings with Apollo that can be 100% controlled by you. Plus, unlike standard TENS machines, it has permanent electrodes which don't require repurchasing or replacing, making it a one-time investment.

The revolutionary 3-in-1 period relief belt

Apollo 2.0 is MY OBI’s most recent wireless TENS device. 

Like Apollo, it operates silently and has multiple settings and intensity levels that you can customize. It’s the perfect companion at work, when running errands, or at night.

However, the added benefit is its red light therapy feature. It exposes you to low levels of near infra-red light to accelerate your body's natural healing processes and stimulate relaxation in the pelvic muscles. 

Red light therapy is a relaxing treatment that will help you glide through the most uncomfortable moments of your cycle.

Thanks to its sleek design, Apollo 2.0 sits well–and discreetly–beneath your clothes and has a bluetooth remote control which allows you to customize the settings comfortably in public.

Described as truly life changing, Apollo 2.0 is revolutionizing period care. It’s the only device in the market that offers a combination of TENS, heat, and red light therapies.

Improve your quality of life with period pain relief belts

From heat therapy to TENS, and red light therapy, MY OBI provides natural pain relief in the form of lightweight belts.

Whether you struggle with mild discomfort, moderate pain, or severe cramps, these non-invasive devices will change your life by letting you live it!

Read user reviews and discover more on the MY OBI website to find which belt works for you.

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