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Best pain relief ever

"I have heard a lot about My Obi before, but i was really skeptical. I have endometriosis, adenomyosis and PCOS. I struggle with pain all the time, and take so many pain killers. I got My Obi in hopes of finding a solution. It really shocked me how strong the TENS is, how powerful the heat is.. Honestly it is amazing and i would recommend it to anyone. I personally don't go out without it anymore. Thank you for providing such great quality, customer service and amazing product."

— Joelle A.

Absolutely in love with this product!

"As someone with endometriosis who suffers from cramps daily, this has been such a game-changer! My Obi Artemis allows me access to relief and heat therapy while on the go, enabling me to do more everyday life things like going out to eat or sitting at a coffee shop. It is so simple to use and I can charge it in my bag using a portable battery pack due to its convenient USB cable. If you're someone who suffers from sharp pain due to ovarian cysts, placing this over your pain points helps soothe it SO much! As a college student, it also saved me during class when my pain would intensify and I needed something more than just ibuprofen.
I genuinely cannot recommend this product enough and I believe everyone who has a uterus should have one!!!"

— Isabella V.